Event Guidelines (Applies to Pack & Den events)

  1. Maintain 6 feet of distance between all participants.

  2. Meetings indoors must be in groups of 15 or less.

  3. Meetings outdoors must be in groups of 15 or less.

  4. Health check at every gathering.

  5. Masks must be worn at all gatherings.

  6. No food or drinks will be provided at events.

Before Attending

Check the temperature and complete the health screening form for each attendee prior to arriving. You will be required to have a copy of the health screening form that can be collected by the pack.

For your convenience, there is an online form on this website that can be filled out. A PDF copy will be emailed to you and the pack email address. Please be prepared to show your virtual copies when arriving. Additionally, there is the option to bring a completed paper copy instead. A link to the blank printable form can also be found on this site.

After Attending

Look out for COVID-19 symptoms. Any individual who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 after returning home should promptly contact their physician for evaluation.

If a test is administered and the results are positive please contact a pack leader leader immediately to report information

The invidual should contact at least one of the following:

If symptoms occur more than 14 days after conclusion of the event the risk of COVID related to the event or transmission to others present at the event would be extremely low.

Northern Star Council Information and Guidelines

The council provides the most up to date information and guidelines. Please visit this link to get the latest from the council: COVID19 and Northern Star Camps, Meetings & More